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Thank you for visiting! I am a freelance graphic designer and writer based in New York, originally from California.


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How to Eat Everything


How to Eat Everything is a 272 page highly-illustrated and designed book full of advice on how to eat various foods. It includes taste tests, essays, experiments, charts, survey results, simple instructions, complicated feelings and very few recipes, and was commissioned by Chronicle Books.


Featuring (amazing) photographs by Kelsey McClellan and Michelle Maguire, a.k.a. Terrence Caviar.

(and additional graphics + photos by myself + others)

Select Job History (2008-Present)


Intern / 826 Valencia

Designer / McSweeney’s Publishing

Art Director / Lucky Peach


Contract/Contingent Employment


The New York Times Magazine,
Google Creative Lab, Bon Appétit

Select Design/Illustration Clients


Abrams, Chronicle Books, Museum of Food and Drink, Graywolf Press, Random House, Atlantic Records

Television & Film Appearances


I appeared on that show Ugly Delicious in its’ first and maybe its second season. My idea for my appearances have always been an Andy Rooney-style segment where I have a desk in janitors’ closet full of trash/food/food waste. Their idea was to have me pretend to live with a butler. I also appeared in a Google Home Super Bowl ad!

My design portfolio is available upon request.


Walter (Ryan) Green